Wolf Shaper

Wolf Shaper

Wolf Shaper is a waveshaper plugin with a graph editor. It passes the input signal through a function, which you can design using curves. This processing results in a more harmonically rich signal.

Master parameters

  • Pre – Controls the input volume, before any processing has taken place. This parameter can be automated for interesting modulation effects.

  • Wet – Determines the mix between the original and the processed signal in the output. Set this parameter at maximum value to only hear the processed signal.

  • Post – Controls the output volume, after all processing has been done.

  • Center – Removes DC offset from the output. This ensures that the resulting waveform is vertically-centerd at zero.

  • Oversample – Sets the multiple of the sample rate at which the processing will be done. This allows the plugin to filter out some harmonics that would otherwise cause aliasing artifacts.

Graph controls

  • Uni/Bi switch – Allows switching between symmetrical and asymmetrical waveshaping. More info coming soon.

  • Reset button – Puts the graph back at its default state, which is a straight diagonal line.

Graph editing

  • Add a vertex – Right-click in the graph to add a vertex. Keep holding the right mouse button to position the vertex.

  • Move a vertex – Left-click and drag the vertex.

  • Remove a vertex – Double left-click on the vertex.

  • Tweak the tension of an edge – Left-click and drag vertically the tension handle located at the center of the edge.

User interface

  • Resizing the window – Left-click and drag the resize handle located at the bottom-right to resize the window.

  • Config file – The UI can be customized using a configuration file. More info coming soon.